Finally my mother can visit my father

Yesterday, my mother got a new ticket to visit my father in the Al Naquab jail. We are all very happy because this time, things went much easier and faster than before. My mother can only take my two 5-year-old brothers with her to the visit. But we are all very happy because we know that, even though we can’t see him or reach out to him, at least my mother can and we will hear about him and how he is doing.

Also, the Red Cross promised that they will give me information where to send letters for my father. I will get the address on Sunday and publish it on the blog. I think my father will be very happy when you all write to him. At least, he knows he is not alone and people are thinking at him and praying for him.


About Saeed Amireh

My name is Saeed Ibrahim Amireh, I am 18 years old and I have been born and raised in Ni'lin, in the Westbank. During the summertime, I love to sleep on the rooftop of our house. When I see the beautiful stars, I dream to travel to far away places and meet people from all over the world. I can see the Mediterranean Sea from our roof. Often, I imagine what it is like to be at the beach and see the sun go down. I have never been to the sea because Israel does not allow us to go there. One week before the final exams in 12th grade, Israeli soldiers raided our house in the middle of the night, locked the whole family but me in a room, beat me, destroyed my room and arrested me. I was in jail for 4 months. They kept me in a small cell in complete darkness, with mice and cockroaches everywhere. They beat, threatened, and interrogated me constantly. To this date I know nothing about why they even arrested me, other than to punish my father for his non-violent activity in the "Popoular Committee Against The Wall". I've always dreamt to study and become a communication engineer. But since my father is in jail, me and my older brother have to work and take care of our mother and our small siblings. I miss my father so much, I would give anything for him to be free. But I am not even allowed to go and visit him in jail. Only my mother is allowed; she could go visit him for the first time after he was imprisoned for 4 months. Like all the villagers of Ni'lin, I wish I could taste the flavour of freedom just once.
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7 Responses to Finally my mother can visit my father

  1. Sabah quraishi says:

    My dear Amireh,

    I want you to taste the flavour of freedom to sleep in peace to eat, play, roam any where you desire. To play in the water to laugh with friends to reunite with your family, to become a successful engineer. I demand an end to this brutal occupation.

    From my heart to yours,

    • Saeed Amireh says:

      Dear Sabah thank you so so much,and i wish that one day these things will happen in real life,because its still dreams for all of us. but we will never lose hope and we will continue our struggle to return our rights and freedom.and we beleive in this thing

      best wishes to you from palestine-nilin

  2. Saeed Amireh says:

    Oh dear Sabah, thank you so much! Saeed

  3. shachaf says:

    Hi Saeed
    Knowing your dad, he is a strong man and i am sure he will be ok in the end.
    I hope his day of freedom will come soon.
    Be strong and we will meet again in few weeks

    • Saeed Amireh says:

      hi shachaf

      its been so long that i didnt see you,i tried to call you several times. how are you? thanks for the support letter,i hope so too,because its very bad time now

      good luck man and when you are back please call me.or when you come to nilin we can meet then

  4. antonella says:


    • Saeed Amireh says:

      thank you so much dear antonella. we are always like that,also we can’t reach each oothers but the hearts are always togther. freedom will come one day i am confident

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