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Visiting my father in jail

Two days ago, my mother went to visit my father in negev jail (alnaqab jail). The Israeli military gave two permits for my little twin brothers Mahmoud and Mustafa of 6 years old. My mother woke up at 4am to … Continue reading

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IOF prosecutors chided for using testimony of mentally disabled Palestinian witness

The Israeli secret service Shin Beth uses false and forced accusations in order to put break the resistance against the illegal wall in the village of Ni’lin. Now it’s official, and no one can say he or she didn’t know … Continue reading

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The Olive Harvest In Ni’lin Village 17.10.2010… The Punishment Continues

Since the building of the apartheid wall on our lands, which started 27.05.2008, Israel has prevented us from reaching our lands. Last week Israel issued 50 permits for the first time for people to go on the other side of … Continue reading

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Israel Returns to Night Raids in Ni’lin – 4 people arrested

Last night the Israeli army again raided our village. They approached us from four sides and moved in by foot. We weren’t allowed to leave our houses; they positioned snipers everywhere to make sure that anyone who tried to escape … Continue reading

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Israel punish us in the beginning of the olive harvest and prevent us in ni’lin from reaching our lands inside the apartheid wall.

since more than two years specially since the wall building started in our town ni’lin israel didn’t give anyone any permit to reach the lands inside the wall to farm it and harvest the olive today in the first … Continue reading

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