IOF prosecutors chided for using testimony of mentally disabled Palestinian witness

The Israeli secret service Shin Beth uses false and forced accusations in order to put break the resistance against the illegal wall in the village of Ni’lin.
Now it’s official, and no one can say he or she didn’t know about it: inorder to lock up the non-violent protesters against the Apartheid wall,the Israeli military used fabricated testimonies.
One witness is mentally ill, the other one was an arrested resident who has been offered to be released if he’d”co-operate” with the authorities and testified crimes that no one committed. The two witnesses are the same guys who admit about my father ibrahim amireh and mr. hassan mousa and zaydoon srour.
They admit about them with false cases and they’ve been sentenced for 11 month and a half and fine of 9000 shekel. 


Mr.hassan mousa and my father and zaydoon srour in one demonstration against the apartheid wall in


I’ve already wrote about this illegal procedure in the story of my father in the EI website before,But no one believed me in the begining.
Now the couragious israeli journalist amirah hass discovered what i said and she wrote about it in the israeli newspaper ‘haaretz’. Please Click Here to see the full story.

About Saeed Amireh

My name is Saeed Ibrahim Amireh, I am 18 years old and I have been born and raised in Ni'lin, in the Westbank. During the summertime, I love to sleep on the rooftop of our house. When I see the beautiful stars, I dream to travel to far away places and meet people from all over the world. I can see the Mediterranean Sea from our roof. Often, I imagine what it is like to be at the beach and see the sun go down. I have never been to the sea because Israel does not allow us to go there. One week before the final exams in 12th grade, Israeli soldiers raided our house in the middle of the night, locked the whole family but me in a room, beat me, destroyed my room and arrested me. I was in jail for 4 months. They kept me in a small cell in complete darkness, with mice and cockroaches everywhere. They beat, threatened, and interrogated me constantly. To this date I know nothing about why they even arrested me, other than to punish my father for his non-violent activity in the "Popoular Committee Against The Wall". I've always dreamt to study and become a communication engineer. But since my father is in jail, me and my older brother have to work and take care of our mother and our small siblings. I miss my father so much, I would give anything for him to be free. But I am not even allowed to go and visit him in jail. Only my mother is allowed; she could go visit him for the first time after he was imprisoned for 4 months. Like all the villagers of Ni'lin, I wish I could taste the flavour of freedom just once.
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4 Responses to IOF prosecutors chided for using testimony of mentally disabled Palestinian witness

  1. Gail Coleman says:

    I pray every day to Allah, that all of Palestine will be free one day! The protestors are such brave people–to me, they are all heroes and that includes your father!!

  2. Suzan Jean says:

    The zionism racist and colonialist will be destroy.
    Palestine cannot succumb, up the people’s Resistance!

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