Visiting my father in jail

Two days ago, my mother went to visit my father in negev jail (alnaqab jail). The Israeli military gave two permits for my little twin brothers Mahmoud and Mustafa of 6 years old.
My mother woke up at 4am to get ready before we reach the makkabeem jeck point, near sira village at the exact time, then from the check point to the Israeli military jail (negev) and all this with my two little brothers who became familiar with many things in life and many words like: occupation, guns, terrorists, killing and all these ugly things which made them feel that this is just the normal life here in the world. I feel so sad and angry when I look to all children with their families in the whole world that are having fun and are happy with their fathers and mothers and then on the other hand my family and I are suffering and missing my dad… (this is unfair, we also deserve to be happy…).
Too hard and long trip started since 4am and continued until 11pm but the time for the meeting with my father in the jail was just 45 minutes (45 minute every 1 month), and for the rest of time was just waiting and waiting in the bus and in the jail, without any food or water. This is a strategy for the occupation forces against us to make us feel insulted and make it hard for us while visiting our prisoners inside the Israeli occupation military jails.
We were able to collect some money to send to my father through my mother, for his survival and also to pay for the taxi and the bus to visit him. We reached the check point at 6:00am, and I went with my mother so she could reach to the check point and carry my brothers with her, until they across the main street of the Israel settlers which is very dangerous because the cars are so fast and don’t stop and are so many until we reach the check point…! After we succeed to across the road, my mother went with my little brothers and shown the permit to the soldiers and the red cross team, to let her in and then she went to the bus to go to the jail with a lot of Palestinian mothers, who went also to visit their children.
My mother came back at 11pm and she was very exhausted and tired from this hard trip. My brothers, sisters and I turned around her to ask about my father’s condition but my mother didn’t want to tell to all of us the sad truth so she just said that my father was well and that he was missing us so much and that he sent hugs to everyone. After that, she took me alone and told me that my father’s health was getting worst and that we must do something to change that.
I was wondering what can we do??? 😦 We cannot do anything else than praying and asking our God to bless my father and help him in this hard time…! All this made me so sad….! 😦
I wish my father could be free today!
My father is proud of his family because we so are brave and we can survive even in these hardest times and the hard situations… we always stay together and steadfast, until the end.
My father wants to send a message to all the friends and all the good people who helped and still help with the fundraising to get him and Hassan Mousa and Zaydoon Srour out of the jail.
Freedom for all the Palestinian’s political prisoners…….Peace for Palestine…………Justice for Ni’lin village!


About Saeed Amireh

My name is Saeed Ibrahim Amireh, I am 18 years old and I have been born and raised in Ni'lin, in the Westbank. During the summertime, I love to sleep on the rooftop of our house. When I see the beautiful stars, I dream to travel to far away places and meet people from all over the world. I can see the Mediterranean Sea from our roof. Often, I imagine what it is like to be at the beach and see the sun go down. I have never been to the sea because Israel does not allow us to go there. One week before the final exams in 12th grade, Israeli soldiers raided our house in the middle of the night, locked the whole family but me in a room, beat me, destroyed my room and arrested me. I was in jail for 4 months. They kept me in a small cell in complete darkness, with mice and cockroaches everywhere. They beat, threatened, and interrogated me constantly. To this date I know nothing about why they even arrested me, other than to punish my father for his non-violent activity in the "Popoular Committee Against The Wall". I've always dreamt to study and become a communication engineer. But since my father is in jail, me and my older brother have to work and take care of our mother and our small siblings. I miss my father so much, I would give anything for him to be free. But I am not even allowed to go and visit him in jail. Only my mother is allowed; she could go visit him for the first time after he was imprisoned for 4 months. Like all the villagers of Ni'lin, I wish I could taste the flavour of freedom just once.
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11 Responses to Visiting my father in jail

  1. SV says:

    Stay strong people of Palestine!! God is with you

  2. Martina says:

    I am glad that you can support each other as a family. It must be hard for your mother to see that her husband is not well and does not get proper medical care. The situation of your family is a reminder to all to keep fighting for justice and peace.

    • Saeed Amireh says:

      thank you my friend 🙂 martina.
      we are always united 🙂 and we are praying and looking for the date of relese of my father to send him to the hospital to get the good medical.
      but this will never kill our high spirit.we wil continue our struggle to get our freedom and justice and to have a real peace in our lands without occupation.

  3. AnnSofi Danielsson says:

    Reading stories like yours make me totally frustrated and angry. And hereI live in freedom in Sweden and I have all my human rights and I don’t know – what can we do?
    Try and spread the word. But very often I feel that people don’t want to listen. They don’t even believe it’s true. But the world must wake up eventually.

    • Saeed Amireh says:

      Dear Annsofi,
      the time will change one day.the people will wake up one day.dont lose hope from this.
      we will continue the fight.and israel will pay for its crimes.
      thank you so much for standing by us.
      god bless you (^_^)

  4. Miri barak says:

    I am so sorry to hear that your father is not well, I pray for his health and freedom. Yes, you deserve to live like any other human being within a happy family. Your father is brave, and I can feel how much you all love him. And you are also so young but already taking heavy responsiblity on your shoulders.
    This occupation is a nightmare to you good people. We must make it end.
    Take care Dear Saeed

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