Israel you will not stop our quest for freedom, justice and peace!


Photo courtesy of Ahmad Mesleh

Last Friday we’ve had a very powerful protest with more than 100 people in Ni’lin, protesting the Apartheid wall and commemorating the 6th anniversary of the death of our president Yassir Arafat. It was a very string symbolic act, when the protesters succeeded in cutting the electric wire that separates us from the rest of the world.No matter how many of us get arrested or killed or injured – they can’t stop us in our quest for freedom and peace!

During the protests, Muhammed Amireh’s spoke to the IOF soldiers:
“You know nothing about peace, instead you have learned to kill innocent people, steal their land in order to build settlements, and build walls. This wall will not bring peace neither to you nor to us. But peace is not only in international interest, it is also for the benefit of your children, as well as our children. You, the soldiers, can and must refuse to all of this. You must refuse to serve in the army. You must refuse to kill us, the people of Ni’lin.
Your government killed Yassir Arafat, even though he always wanted peace. Also, you killed your leader Rabin. Even though he killed many Palestinians, in the end he believed in peace and he realised that peace is for the good of jews and Israel and that’s when the settlers killed him – because you don’t want peace.
Stop stealing our land and destroying our homes. What you are doing is unbearable.”
You can see a video of the protest here((please click here))

After the demonstration the soldiers came to our village to take revenge and fired sound bombs.



About Saeed Amireh

My name is Saeed Ibrahim Amireh, I am 18 years old and I have been born and raised in Ni'lin, in the Westbank. During the summertime, I love to sleep on the rooftop of our house. When I see the beautiful stars, I dream to travel to far away places and meet people from all over the world. I can see the Mediterranean Sea from our roof. Often, I imagine what it is like to be at the beach and see the sun go down. I have never been to the sea because Israel does not allow us to go there. One week before the final exams in 12th grade, Israeli soldiers raided our house in the middle of the night, locked the whole family but me in a room, beat me, destroyed my room and arrested me. I was in jail for 4 months. They kept me in a small cell in complete darkness, with mice and cockroaches everywhere. They beat, threatened, and interrogated me constantly. To this date I know nothing about why they even arrested me, other than to punish my father for his non-violent activity in the "Popoular Committee Against The Wall". I've always dreamt to study and become a communication engineer. But since my father is in jail, me and my older brother have to work and take care of our mother and our small siblings. I miss my father so much, I would give anything for him to be free. But I am not even allowed to go and visit him in jail. Only my mother is allowed; she could go visit him for the first time after he was imprisoned for 4 months. Like all the villagers of Ni'lin, I wish I could taste the flavour of freedom just once.
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2 Responses to Israel you will not stop our quest for freedom, justice and peace!

  1. Leonbakhan says:

    It is very unfortunate that such acts of inhumanity occur. My full support is with you.
    My people also suffer the same at the hands of one of the so called biggest democracy in the world.

  2. Frank Spence says:

    We must all support oppressed people everywhere: we are all Palestinians.
    I cannot support the UK Government while it commits war crimes and colludes in the torture and exploitation of people in other countries, including Palestine. I’m ashamed of being British.
    I’ve read a number of articles recently by people with long experience of Israel and its barbarism against Palestinians, and there seems to be a growing consensus that Israel is not viable in the long term. I pray that they are correct in their assessment.

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