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Vittorio, you are a true winner and will live forever in our hearts

Today’s protest against the apartheid wall was dedicated to Vittorio Arrigoni, the Italian freedom fighter who gave his life for Palestine. He lived in Gaza since 2008 and his mission was to protect the Gazawis from Israeli harrassment and killing, … Continue reading

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Our fears, our dreams, our hopes.

I want the world to know about us. About our fears, our dreams, our difficult struggle, our hope for a peaceful and just future. Most of the time, people don’t know anything. Or, they come with strong ideas about us … Continue reading

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Updates About The Fundraising Efforts And My Father’s Release

Dear friends and supporters, so much time has already passed, but I nevertheless want to update you all on the fundraising efforts and my father’s release. I’ve been very worried that our success in raising the necessary funds would endanger … Continue reading

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