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In memory of my friend Aqil Srour

3 years have passed since my friend Aqil was brutally killed by the Israeli occupation soldiers during a peaceful protest against the Israeli apartheid wall on 05.06.2009. The Israeli soldiers shot him in the heart, with a 0.22 caliber, a … Continue reading

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My talk at Marxism 2012 conference

When i first Stood up, i was so surprised when the amazing people started to chant free free Palestine, my body started to shake and i didn’t know how to act, after the middle of my talk, i looked at … Continue reading

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Ni’lin manifeste en solidarité avec Khader Adnan

Comme ils le font toutes les semaines, les habitants de Ni’lin sont allés manifester vendredi 10 février contre le mur d’apartheid dont la construction se poursuit dans leur village. Cette fois, la manifestation a également eu lieu en solidarité avec … Continue reading

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After the brutally murdering of the 10 years old Ahmed Mousa by Israeli occupation forces during a peaceful demonstration against the building of the apartheid wall on ni’lin land in 29.07.2008, the Israeli soldiers thought that we will get scared … Continue reading

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The Palestinians Will Never Forget The Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing, The Systematic Expulsion And Displacement From Their Home Land In 1948.

My father’s message to the world in the nakba day: On the 15th of May of every year, the Palestinians commemorate the day of the Nakba that the day of their catastrophe in 1948 accompanied with the declaration of the … Continue reading

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Vittorio, you are a true winner and will live forever in our hearts

Today’s protest against the apartheid wall was dedicated to Vittorio Arrigoni, the Italian freedom fighter who gave his life for Palestine. He lived in Gaza since 2008 and his mission was to protect the Gazawis from Israeli harrassment and killing, … Continue reading

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Updates About The Fundraising Efforts And My Father’s Release

Dear friends and supporters, so much time has already passed, but I nevertheless want to update you all on the fundraising efforts and my father’s release. I’ve been very worried that our success in raising the necessary funds would endanger … Continue reading

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