How You Can Help

We are in dire need of your help. There are several different ways, if you want to support us. Please check back regularly, since we will come up with other options within the next few weeks.

1. Join Our Facebook Group.

Stay informed and join the support group on Facebook. That way you will be notified in your newsfeed about what is going on. To know that the world knows about us and cares gives us much needed hope and strength. To join, please click here.

2. Donate Money Towards To Help Us Pay The Fine.

My father, as well as each of two other members from the leadership of the ” Ni’lin Popular Committee Against The Wall” have been sentenced to 11 months and 15 days in jail, as well as a 9000,- Shekel fine (corresponding about 2,300 US-Dollar, or 1,800 Euro each). This is a huge sum for us. If you would like help us paying and your financial situation allows for a contribution, please consider donating. To donate, please click here.

3. Be An Ambassador Of Our Cause.

As for all the other villagers of Ni’lin, I have very limited means to share our plight with the world. I don’t own a computer and my internet access is limited to going to an internet cafe. Since it is a public internet access, it is not allowed there, to upload files, like photos, etc. Besides, my internet time is limited, since the internet cafe is expensive for me. Thus, to let you know what is going on here and to show some photos, is a challenge every time.

It is of great help, if you spread the news about our story. Whenever you have a possibility, please link you this Blog or to the support group on facebook or publish my plight. If you could translate it into your language and help spread the news in your country, that would be very very helpful, too. I am very grateful for those who are already campaigning on our behalf and publishing and linking our story. You make difference in our suffering. If you would like to get further information or talk to me directly, you can contact me at: free.nilin[at] (replace [at] with @).

4. Help Us With Translations Of This Page.

Are you a native or fluent speaker of another language than English? Help us spreading the truth about Ni’lin and about my father’s plight, translating it into as many languages as possible. If you’d be willing to donate your time and translate singles pages or the whole site, please contact us at free.nilin[at] (replace [at] with @). We welcome any help we can get!

We are currently translating this page into German and Italian. If you’d like to contribute, please let us know. We are looking very much for translations into the following languages: Hebrew, French, Spanish, Portuguese. But basically, every language is very welcome 🙂

5. Come To Ni’lin.

Live With Us, Witness What We Are Going Through And Document And Publish It.

Whether you are a journalist or an activist, or just a normal person who wants to make a difference: you are wholeheartedly welcome to our village and to live with us. We have very limited means, therefore we are unable to provide you with housing or food or travel costs. But we would be very happy to have you here.

A group of International activists stayed with us, for a total of two years, until they were deported in October 2009. They were able to document the crimes that are being inflicted upon us. For example, they can film whenever Israeli soldiers raid our village and harass and harm us. We are not allowed to do so and are being terrorized whenever we attempt to do so. We believe the world needs to know what is going on in Ni’lin, to spread it on Youtube, Facebook and everywhere else. Like that, everybody will be able to see our suffering. Your awareness and your presence protect us. Since it is just us villagers and no more Internationals or media people, Israeli soldiers are even more ruthless in their way to terrorize and harm us. If you consider coming, please contact us at: free.nilin[at] (replace [at] with @).

6. Write To My Father.

While staying in jail under these horrible conditions it is very hard, not to lose hope and strength. That is actually what this punishment is all about: to break my father and thus break the resistance. It will help him very much, to see that the world has not forgotten him. Right now, we don’t know yet, if and how he can receive mail in the jail. I will find out and as soon as I know, I will post the information here. Please check back regularly or join the facebook support group here; I will post an update there as well.

7. Sign A Petition To Help End Our Oppression.

All of this is so overwhelming, that I have not had the possibility yet, to find out what the most effective ways for a petition would be. If you know about this, I would be grateful if you could let me know. You can email me here. Otherwise check back to this site, as soon as we have set something up, I will post it. Or, join the facebook support group, as I will post it there as well and you will be notified with a message.


6 Responses to How You Can Help

  1. Lola Hynes says:

    there are websites where you can set up petitions for free;, you can then post links to it on your website and facebook page…

    • N. says:

      Thanks Lola, for your suggestion… we will definitely use one of those. But before we start collecting signatures, we have to research our petition goal – mainly: who are we going to deliver this to and when and how. Hopefully in person a person/politician/institution that can and will then lobby for our cause and help make a change.

      But who are these persons/politicians/institutions? And how do we get access to them? (not just dropping our petition in their mailbox with a similar effect as if we were to throw it in the trash bin…

      I have no experience as an activist whatsoever, so I know next to nothing about this. If you or someone you know has any experience or knwledge, we would be very glad to hear from you or them! Or maybe you have some time, to help us research this?

      Thanks again for your suggestion!

  2. ¡Saludos!

    Soy de Guayaquil – Ecuador (Sudamérica).

    La lucha sigue! Pronto Palestina volverá a ser LIBRE!!

    No tengo ningún parentesco de descendencia árabe, pero estoy haciendo todo lo posible por hacer conocer su causa y la injusticia y matanzas que vive el pueblo Palestino desde la creación del estado de israel.

    No desanime nadie! el mundo entero está abriendo sus ojos para darse cuenta de la VERDAD!

    Fuerza! muchos estamos con ustedes!

    Que Dios siempre este con ustedes y traiga paz y justicia a toda Palestina!

    hasta siempre



    I am from Guayaquil – Ecuador (South America).

    The struggle continues! Palestine will soon be FREE!

    I have no relationship of Arabic descent, but I am making every effort to make known its cause and the injustice and killing that the Palestinian people had living since the creation of the state of israel.

    not be discouraged anyone! the whole world is opening their eyes to see the TRUTH!

    Force! a lot of people are with you!

    May God always be with you and bring peace and justice to all of Palestine!

    until forever

    • N. says:

      Dear Rafael,

      thank you for your support!

      We are looking for someone who could translate this blog into Spanish. If you would be able to donate your time and help us, please send me a message @:

      Greetings and best wishes to Guayaquil/Ecuador,


  3. Miri barak says:

    Good luck with your struggle

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